30 Day Challenge

I recently tweeted “Where performance is measured performance is improved” and it seemed to be greeted with a fair amount of retweets and guys generally liking the concept so it got me thinking of a little challenge that I hope some of you guys are up for.

Twitter has been an excellent tool for both me and a lot of the manosphere to share quick thoughts and ideas with one another and now Id like to use it as an accountability tool to help make us all a little better.

Id like to pose a 30 day challenge to whoever is interested and help keep us all on track to achieving whatever it is were trying to get done so here’s the parameters. Either in the comment section here or through twitter, tweet me and state what it is you want to achieve in the next 30 days, from there on a daily basis tweet me and let me know what you did to get your goal done.

Id love to see this pick up steam throughout the entire manosphere and we can continually do challenges every other month or so depending on how well this works out.

Ill also be personally accountable to you guys as well tweeting daily on if I accomplished my goal or not..

My 30 day goal is pretty simple yours can be something similar or as complex as you’d like it to be.

For the next 30 days I plan to run 3 miles a day Monday through Saturday.

Good luck guys looking forward to seeing how everyone does.



Masculine Style-A Review

Greetings from your favorite occasional blogger, part-time tweeter, and full-time bad ass.

Lord knows its been forever, I don’t post that much as I feel there are a glut of other writers out there way more talented and more importantly more committed to the cause of helping you get laid. When something jumps out at me that I feel can be of some use to whoever still reads this thing though I don’t hesitate to throw it out there for you.

Do a personal case study this weekend when you go out and observe how most guys are dressed. Think to yourself when was the last time you saw a well dressed man. I’m not talking about some guy randomly suited up, I’m talking about casual wear and the dude still looks put together. Theres something powerful and commanding about it and from starting to implement this more I can guaran god damn tee you women notice. You see clothing is the ultimate equalizer, we may not all be the best looking, or the tallest, or in the best shape, but this is the one thing that you unequivocally have complete control of…..so why don’t you? For most guys Id imagine it comes down to two factors: 1) Cost (there are plenty of reasonably priced options out there you just have to search a bit harder) and 2) Not knowing what the hell to get and just following some random fashion trend or something you saw in a magazine.

This is where my man Tanner comes in over at Masculine Style, the dude is single-handedly changing the game more so than just about anyone out there right now. I reached out to Tanner on twitter, we exchanged emails, and later phone calls and had a great conversation on fashion and the manosphere as a whole and I really enjoyed what he had to say. From there I emailed him some photos so he could get an idea of what he was working with what I got back shocked the hell out of me. He sends back a comprehensive report breaking down everything from the best colors on your skin type, colors to avoid, proper patterns that work on your frame, custom suiting options, hell he even told me the best types of sunglasses that worked for my facial structure. I decided on a new custom suit and we then had numerous email exchanges as we walked through every step of the process together on constructing every detail of the best suit for me.

When was the last time someone complemented you on how you were dressed, if you have to think about it then its been too long. I challenge you to take a hard look in the mirror and truly asses your personal style, if it’s not where you want it reach out to Tanner and drop him a line. I assure you the 25 bucks is well worth it considering what an actual personal shopper would cost you and the results you’ll see from just implementing a portion of the information he gives you will be shocking. You pay a specialist in all aspects of life so why not get one on the cheap that can truly affect how people initially perceive you?


This new Timberlake song has been getting hated on a ton but its kind of starting to grow on me. Hey my mans right as long as you got your suit and tie shitll be just fine. I recently had a 36 hour bender in my new custom needless to say it was a night to remember.




An Open Letter to Jennifer Livingston

Dear Jennifer,

I understand that when you read that email your feelings were hurt and you felt ashamed which then turned to anger. “Who is this stranger to attack me, someone who doesn’t know me and knows nothing of what I stand for” Well I’ve got something to break to you Jennifer, he didn’t attack anything regarding your character, only your appearance. By your own admission you state that you’re obese, although you try to lessen the meaning of the word by saying “a doctor would classify me as obese” as if it was an opinion and not something that was wholly true.

The rally behind you has been because of the claim that you were bullied and while I agree that bullying is an increasing problem and one that is subjective based on how the victim feels, do you truly believe that you were bullied? Or were your feelings just hurt by the true words of a stranger who you deemed had no right to tell you that your unhealthy lifestyle will kill you prematurely which all statistics have shown that it most certainly will as obesity remains the number 1 preventable killer of Americans.

Jennifer I’m not one of the naturally skinny people who doesn’t understand how hard it is to be a big person, as recently as 3 years ago through a steady diet of fast food and overeating I had ballooned up to 285 lbs, one day I saw a picture of myself and thought “My God, what the fuck happened to me, how did I let myself go so much”.  The very next day I began waking up everyday before work and running 3 miles and then going to the gym on my lunch break and lifting weights, I began eating smaller healthier meals and through hard work, blood, and sweat, I lost 60 lbs. I challenge you to keep a food journal of what you eat for a week and come to the realization that there are probably many things on that list that you shouldnt consume in the quantity that you do.

The words of the viewer hurt you so much because deep down you know that they are true. You have been presented with a unique opportunity, you can either take your 15 minutes of fame and crusade against your perceived bullying or you can use this as a wake up call to achieve a healthier lifestyle for you, your viewers, and your family.

By all accounts you seem to be a nice person and I am sure you are a good mom to your 3 kids and a loving wife to your husband, all noble things but none of which qualify you as a hero, I wish you the best of luck and hope that you choose the right option above.


-Jack Frost

For those that have no idea what Im talking about this is the video that spawned this open letter.

Sleeping with Girls You See at the Gym: Redux

Ok, I admit it. My post from about a year ago on fucking girls that you see at the gym was rather passive. It was much more social circle and luck than it was actually fucking girls that you meet while AT the gym. If youre too lazy to go back and read it (which I dont blame you as it was not my finest work) heres a recap. Go to the gym, go to places around the gym, chance encounter with girl youve seen at the gym, chat up based on familiarity, then fuck. While its worked for me on 3 different occassions the logistics of it are far too luck based, so here we stand today with the “Sleeping with girls from the gym: Redux”

The gym should be one of your best gold mines for meeting women simply for the fact that if a girl is at the gym shes probably in shape or on her way to getting in better shape. From Rooshs recent battle, to Bronan, and a host of other bloggers, theres been a huge push in the manosphere lately railing against the typical fat american woman. If thats whats getting you down you need to go to a place where youre far less likely to see these heifers, a gym would essentially be their kryptonite. So the biggest part on fucking girls from the gym is actually going to the gym, if youre not doing that get off the god damn internet and start lifting.

Ummmm, when you get to the gym actually do something as opposed to taking a nap. (Actual picture I took between running sprints)

Now this is a double edged sword, since youre going to be at the gym seeing girls that are in good shape surprise surprise, you yourself are going to need to be in good shape. Recently I was talking to Danger and Play and we discussed all these guys talking about “how does normal guy get supermodel” or some other fucking ridiculous statement. Heres how you do that…you dont. That entire mindset is whats wrong with men today…dont be normal! Dont be fucking average, better yourself and better ass comes. I recently had a whole post dedicated to things you need to be doing to make yourself a better you. So do it, make yourself a better you. Youre not gonna get some hot ass chick from the gym if youre fat or skinny, and dont have a drop of muscle on you. Instead of looking at you shes going to be checking out some dude whos in there waging a war on metal and gravity while you sit on the god damn ellipical for 30 minutes. If youre not in at least decent shape this post isnt for you, come back in 90 days and finish reading.

First you need to be consistent and go to the gym at around the same time everyday. Through trial and error you need to figure out what time your gym has the maxium number of hot girls or if youve got one in mind that you specifically want to fuck you can even go micro and go at the same time she goes. Totally up to you on if you want a target rich environment or if theres one vagina in particular you want hanging from the mantle. In most cities right after work is going to be primetime at the gym but experiment and go at different hours to see whos there and when they are there to pick the best time for you.

Consistency breeds familarity which is probably the biggest thing you should take away from this post. You dont want to be the creepy dude who sees a girl at the gym and just starts talking to her. Your success rate in doing this is unfathomably low based on a number of factors, you want her to be familiar with you so it seems less like a cold approach and more like someone she already knows, this can only happen through her consistently seeing you day in and day out.

After youve begun establishing a pattern of seeing each other you want to begin making slightly stronger eye contact with her. Ive found eye contact followed by a smile is all you need to start bridging the gap. This also serves as a qualifier meaning that if shes not even looking at you for eye contact shes probably not that attracted to you, dont fret no ones batting a thousand, find another girl and repeat the process.

Once youve begun coupling the smile with eye contact 2 punch combo gauge her response, if shes reciprocating with a smile back the door has at least been left ajar for you to kick that motherfucker down . The next time youre in close proximity with one another be it the juice bar, working out next to each other, or by the water fountain the line Ive used with great effectiveness is “If Im going to be seeing you everyday, I should at least know your name”. Just like that the ice is broken and youre free to run whatever game it is you use.

Ok, Ive got to give full disclosure here, this wasnt a gym bang, I met her outside the gym and we were just working out together and I wanted to snipe a picture of that ass….Youre welcome.

An important thing to remember in all of this is to let it be organic. Some people are approach machines and will rush the above steps or go out of their way for an early introduction. If youre seeing this person 5 days a weeks theres no need to step on your dick and make an awkward situation, wait for the opportune time and then strike.

As always…Wake Up and Be Somebody

Loving Aloe Blacc right now, hes just got a real different sound that you dont really hear. Song is great for a weekend night when youre about to head where else but Downtown.

Be A Better You

Top ten lists have long been known as the device of the lazy writer and over the last year there has been none more lazy than myself so I present to you 10 Things you should be doing right now to be a better you. (which will in turn help you get laid more….boom full circle back to fucking chicks) I got this idea from a thread I saw on Rooshs forum but to be honest some of the shit being said was fucking absurd, one guy said learn to juggle. Juggle?! Are you fucking kidding me? So for those looking to join the God damn circus go do that and for those looking to strengthen your own confidence read on here.

(Quick Disclaimer these are in no order of importance just the order in which I thought of them, I’m sure I could rank them but 1) I already said I’m lazy and 2) I figure this makes the blog interactive and you can personally rank them yourself and work on the ones you deem most important…you’re welcome)

1) Workout-the amount of confidence you get from changing the composition of your body and the attention you will receive from it is priceless. Girls love muscles and anyone who tells you differently doesn’t fucking have any. I’m not saying become a bodybuilder but when a girl grabs your arm and its solid its definitely not a minus. My friends older brother had a great piece of advice for me when I was a kid “girls want to date a man, if they wanted someone the same size as them they’d date another girl” There’s a million different schools of thought on working out and nutrition feel free to email me for mine or ask in the comments or experiment and find your own which I find to be the best. A lot of the manosphere has jumped on IF and leangains.com is a great resource for that also my man over at Danger and Play has done some good write ups on supplements and nutrition.

2) Join Toastmasters/Improv Group-Having the ability to speak well publicly translates to smaller group settings as well. You want to be able to capture the attention of an entire group of people and nothing does that quite like a well told story. We’ve all been exposed to people that are dreadful storytellers and wanting to rip our own ears off in order for it to end sooner and we’ve also all seen a gifted storyteller suck an entire group of people into hanging on their every word, which would you rather be?

3) Learn A New Language-Along with it possibly helping your career and travels, as you get older you want to be firing up as many different parts of your brain as possible. It takes time and a great deal of discipline to learn a new language and Ive yet to see panties not moisten up a bit when saying something in another language is said at the appropriate time. A friend of mine speaks fluent Italian and its not always the deal closer but its a value add that always opens doors.

4) Become A Better Cook-I admit I am from the school of thought that you eat to live don’t live to eat and many of my meals are cooked in bulk and I eat them as fast as possible while standing in my kitchen. With that being said though if I need to whip up some quasi gourmet shit I can, its not winning any Michelin stars but its at least getting the job done. Theres no easier way to bang a chick then getting her over to your place, cooking up a great meal, and popping open a few bottles of wine. 1) shes saying shes comforable enough to be alone at your house 2) youre displaying a clear skill that many dont posess 3) theres wine 4) your bed is in the next room. Thats right I just put a list inside of a list, List Inception!

5) Hang Out With Better People-A while back a few of us had a discussion on twitter about trimming the fat of people we followed and I mentioned how it should translate to ones personal life as well. Its very comfortable to hang out with the same old people doing the same old shit but the problem with that is you will get the same old results. Hang out with people that are in better positions than you are or are where you want to be, people that don’t just discuss other people but that discuss ideas and plans they have for enriching their own lives. I’m not saying get rid of all your old friends but know you are only as good as the company you keep.

6) Compete At Something-I play in a basketball and softball league and the times out there competing aren’t something I ever want to give up. Men are competitive by nature and there’s no reason to give that up and nor should you. Dagonet over at The Quest for 50 spoke on this recently as well regarding the hockey league he plays in and how much better he felt right away. Whatever sport you played in your youth they offer rec leagues for of different skill levels, find the right one for you and go play.

7) Learn About Booze-You don’t need to become a sommelier or the guy from the Sam Adams commercials or even Tony Sinclair but knowing about a few different wines, champagnes, and distilled spirits is great. When you’re out on a date or with a group of people at dinner you don’t want to be looking at the wine list like its in fucking mandarin. Know what goes with what and when to drink it. Be the table captain and order the wine or be able to make competent recommendations to those around you.

8) Go Out Alone-Ive got friends that wont even walk into a place first so as not to be alone somewhere which is about as insecure as it gets to me. You come into this world alone and you will die alone you need to be comfortable by yourself. Go out once every few weeks by yourself and have a drink at first you may feel a little uncomfortable but it eventually becomes liberating knowing that you are secure enough to be wherever whenever by yourself without the crutch of another person. I use my alone time at places to get to better know bartenders or servers at places I like to frequent. Our man over at The G Manifesto calls that locking down the spot I think and its pretty damn sound advice

9) Develop Better Personal Style-Pretty self explanatory here…dress fucking better. Now this doesn’t mean suited up everyday it just means finding clothing that looks great on you and developing a style of your own and not chasing trends. Everyones got a few things they wear I’m sure that you get complimented on now ask yourself why those were complimented and begin to construct a wardrobe that reflects that style.

10) Follow Me On Twitter-Shameless Plug http://twitter.com/#!/goingdolo


Alpha Dog Reps

Working in the financial industry CNBC is always on the T.V.s in my office and unless you’ve been living under a rock you undoubtedly know that Facebook recently went public. As I watch Mark Zuckerberg in some of these interviews I cant help but notice the remarkable changes he has undergone in the last few years.  Once sweaty, awkward, and shifty in interviews he now sits there in command giving careful responses with no hesitation to give a “go fuck yourself” answer or a dismissive look to the interviewer who he clearly deems inferior. Now don’t get me wrong from a social standpoint Id probably rather get kicked in the nuts than hangout with the guy and his girlfriend is ugly as shit but that s not the point. He reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from Fight Club “A guy who came to Fight Club for the first time, his ass was a wad of cookie dough. After a few weeks, he was carved out of wood.”  This transformation can be summed up with three small words…..Alpha Dog Reps.

If you look at Zuckerberg or Tiger Woods, another guy who was pretty pussy who we watched grow up before our eyes, turn into a slut banging machine you see the same thing….Alpha Dog Reps. What I mean by Alpha Dog Reps is in spite of their beta tendencies no matter what room these guys walked into they were the baddest motherfuckers in the place even if they weren’t. Wherever they were they were the most important people and others bowed to them because of their accomplishments even though their weak personalities should have commanded much less respect. In Malcom Gladwells book “Outliers” he talks about how to become truly great at something you need 10,000 hours of practice. Bet your ass Tiger and Zuck got 10,000 hours of Alpha Dog Repetitions and the change in their personalities makes this wildly apparent.

Now as a CEO and a superstar athlete these two were able to collapse timeframes and get their reps in much quicker than the average guy since they were pretty much racking up practice every waking hour. Think on a smaller scale now to your own life, to the local celebrities that inhabit your universe, perhaps that’s even you. I can guarantee you have been somewhere and seen someone command the room and seen how others were drawn to that person. Now ask yourself why and how that person did it. A friend of mine is a doctor and we hang out with some of the hot medical reps that are trying to win his business, when we are all together he is unquestionably the Alpha Dog and getting the ever so important and sometimes allusive Alpha Dog reps. It never fails on nights we go out after hanging out with the medical reps first his game is tighter, them fawning over him has a direct correlation to his confidence later in the night because on a subconscious level he has been deemed desirable and is in an elevated mindset of importance. Whether you are at your local bar where you know everyone, your job, your rec league sports team, or whatever else you do in your life put yourself in as many positions as possible to be the person bringing the most to the table. My man Dagonet had a post up recently (crazy how much guys in the manosphere will be thinking the same shit at the same time) about being the “Best Man in the Room” and this is exactly what he’s getting at.

All of my posts since my return have been about making yourself better so no music on this post, gonna put up one of my favorite motivational videos if you skimmed through my entire post at least do yourself a favor and watch this. As always……Wake Up and Be Somebody

Don’t Just Sit There Bust a Move

Ok so this post is going to spit in the face of what a lot of other guys say but I really don’t give a shit as these are the things that work for me so they’re all I can speak for.

A little background on myself before I start, I was raised by a military father and a european mother so discipline from my dad and old world chivalry from my mom were two things I had instilled in me at a very early age. I hold doors for men as well as for women and I am always the last to enter an elevator or go up stairs. When meeting anyone whether it be for dinner, drinks, or for work I am ALWAYS on time as to not waste someones time as I expect them not to waste mine. Now I’ve read numerous times from numerous outlets how those behaviors would be deemed as beta to which I would like to respond by playing my bullshit card.

The problem isn’t the actions themselves being beta it’s the fact that you are beta. I project an image of confidence because I am confident and I assure you when I perform any of the above actions the person I’m doing them for isn’t thinking “geez, what a bitch this guy is” if you think they’re thinking that about you then there are things you need to change. VK had a post a while back about not having to act so tough because of his appearance and in essentially playing up the opposite of how he appeared. This got me thinking the reason that so many actions like the ones above are deemed beta is because the lions share of the people writing things like that are awkward guys who lack confidence, struggled with women based on actual beta maneuvers i.e. neediness,  and are now over compensating by trying to be assholes. People see through that shit you’re a phony and they know it and more importantly you know it….so fix it. Wouldnt it be exhausting always trying to keep that front up wouldnt your time be better spent improving yourself so that facade is no longer needed?

Phew, so I got off topic from what I wanted to actually say but I feel like all of that was a decent lead in and I’m sure some of you could use the wake up call anyway. What I really wanted to mention here is a first date move I’ve been using for quite some time with a lot of success. As I mentioned earlier I am always on time places and believe that people’s casual tardiness has reached epidemic like proportions. People see it as no big deal but there is an underlying layer of disrespect to it that says “my time is more important than your time”. Now I understand in-game where it comes into play, it’s a fucking war out there with the opposite sex and no creature on this earth will be casually late more than the American female. People use the lateness as a power play in a pissing match of mental chess to gain the upper hand early and here’s where I’ve flipped the move to make it fit to my style. I arrive on time like I always do (usually 5 to 10 mins early actually) and get a table, sit at the bar, order a drink, or position myself in whatever place we planned on meeting……and wait. If we plan on meeting at 8:00 and 8:05 rolls around and she’s not there I leave. Just like that I’m out of there and grabbing another drink somewhere else or meeting other people or even going home. Now inevitably said girl arrives at venue and doesn’t see me then calls or texts as to see where I am at to which I always reply with “I left”, just those two words will send her brain spinning and prompt follow-up texts as to “why” or “what happened” which is when I just hit her with “if you don’t have the courtesy to be somewhere on time or at least let me know you’re running late I really don’t see the point in me wasting anymore than the time I just did on you”……….Checkmate

Now this shit is an advanced maneuver and not for the faint of heart. If this was a girl you had to win over or convince to go out with you she’s going to give zero fucks and its most likely not going to work but if you’re someone she does deem at an elevated status than herself this is going to send her brain into overdrive on how to make her transgression up to you. A major portion of this working for you  or not comes down to how much you care about the interaction with the girl. If all your eggs are in this one vagina you’re probably not gonna be able to pull the trigger and leave but if you’re where you need to be from a mental standpoint you know she’s easily replaced so it’s on her to get back in your good graces.


Ive been prison raping the gym lately and this is my favorite song to do it to, by far my favorite song off the Watch the Throne album.