My personal kryptonite

Nothing quite affects me like the tears of a woman. I think I may have been conditioned to this due to the fact of being raised by a single mother but I guess that is something I can explore at a later time.

I read recently on someones blog a quote that I’ll paraphrase and is essentially the basis of every break up with every girl I’ve ever had. I have the ability to hurt a girl a little over a long period of time as opposed to a lot at once. When the tears start flowing I turn into an absolute pussy and stop saying what I truly want to say and therefore it turns into a month-long process whenever I want to stop seeing a girl.

Now I usually don’t give a shit about the tears and as they’re crying on my shoulder Im peering off into oblivion and giving responses on auto pilot but the one today for some reason hit me harder than any other.  She began asking me why I didn’t love her like she loved me and I honestly didn’t have an answer. Shes attractive by anyones standards, is intelligent,  and would probably chew glass for me if I asked her to yet there I stood telling her I didn’t want to see her anymore. Then she told me how sorry she felt for me that I was alone and that I always would be because I never let anyone get close enough to hurt me which I found to be an incredibly accurate assessment given the short period of time that we dated.

She cried a bit more telling me how she just wanted to be loved and for one of the few times in my life I really wished I was wired like all of my married friends as opposed to being wired like the eternal bachelor that I am.


2 responses to “My personal kryptonite

  1. Well hopefully you were straightforward with her from the beginning.

  2. I always am its a dick move not to be and definitely not my style. I think the problem usually is that women either a) dont believe me or b) think they are going to be the one to change me. Ive got no problem eventually settling down and I hope to one day I just know that Im not ready for that now. Which is why I throw the disclaimer out very early to whoever Im seeing.

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