Got back from Vancouver last night and the city was an absolute blast, one I highly recommend. Landed pretty early in the morning and took the train from the airport to my hotel (just get on without paying, it’s like 10 bucks but no one checks your ticket. I didn’t pay for it again the rest of the time I was there)  Decided to  stay at the Fairmont Pacific Rim (kinda pricey so definitely not for everyone but work picks up the tab for me) which is near the waterfront a few blocks away from Granville (street filled with bars) and another slightly more sketchy bar district.

I’m clearly conditioned to Americans both men and women and was blown away by how nice Canadians are. If you go up there and you’re not an asshole the people there will wholly embrace you. It was really easy to start a conversation with any girl simply by politely introducing myself and then asking what other bars were good since I was from out-of-town. They would of course ask where I was from and once I told them “the states” it was on and they instantly wanted to talk more.

The first night I met two Canadian girls outside of a bar smoking a cigarette with the opener I used above and they invited me out for the night. First we went to some sketchy bar called The Cambie then to a house party where I got stoned out of my mind. Seems like EVERYONE up there smokes and you can do it just about anywhere with little worry. There seem to be two very different scenes in Vancouver one slightly resembles Scottsdale and the other reminds of Seattle. Needless to say the house party I was at with the weed flowing freely was more the Seattle crowd which usually isn’t my type of girl but this girl was really cute despite her hippy demeanor. We got high and made out for a while I think she was as happy to have a story about hooking up with some random American as I was about hooking up with some random Canadian hippy. Meh, either way I didn’t give a shit.

The next night I went to Granville which is the main drag of bars in Vancouver and started at some random bar whose name I don’t remember probably because the place sucked and the only cute girls there were the waitresses. They said this club down the street called The Roxy was cool so I decided to check it out. The place was absolutely packed with a live band playing (I think, Id had a lot of Kokanees by that point. Canadians do NOT play around with their beers) and there were a decent amount of girls there but it seemed like they were all in big groups. The place seemed kind of dumpy to me that coupled with the noise levels and how packed the place was I left pretty quick to some bar across the street where I figured I would fare better. Across the street is  “The Speakeasy” it had a pretty laid back feel to it so I grabbed a chair next to a table full of girls and set up shop. The waitress was cute so I hung out with her for a bit feeling out the girls next to me. I decided to go out front and grab a smoke and figure out my in when two of the girls followed me outside to smoke as well, they bummed a light and my problem was solved. They turned out to be 6 Au Pairs from all over the world who all lived in Canada now. The one who asked me for the light was from Wales and was clearly interested but I didn’t know what to do with her friend. My isolation of a girl is pretty much TERRIBLE so I just sat there making conversation with both of them till we went inside. We went inside and they asked me to join them so now my problem is even worse seeing as how I couldn’t isolate her from one and now I was up against five more. I made conversation with the table then excused myself back to the hotel whiffing on one that was teed up for me. (any suggestions on isolation would be welcome)

Every one says Americans have a bad rap in foreign countries which I think is true but you can use that to your advantage if you play your cards right. If you tone down the cocky attitude that you would use in a bar back home and just act genuinely nice you catch people off guard with their built up perceptions of what most Americans are like and the next thing you know they’re bending over backwards to help you……or for you.


2 responses to “Vancouver

  1. StrikeForceMorituri

    Man………….. Canada is definitely the spot especially Vancouver. I was up there during the Olympics and well I cleaned up. You are so spot on about how nice Canadiens are… I never feel like I need to be cocky or aloof there , And yes they do not fuck around about getting fucked up. Personally their weed is tooooooo strong for me, but it is good.

    In my honest opinion don’t even bother coming to Seattle, it doesn’t even compare to Vancouver.

  2. I bet, it had to be nuts up there during the Olympics. I was at a bar in Olympic Village while I was there.

    Im actually going to be in Seattle a couple of times next year so youre not giving me much hope. Ill have to hit you up on the good places, theres got to be 1 or 2 right?

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