Moral Dilemma

As I prepare for the weekends activities, I am faced with an inevitable situation that I can only imagine will test my moral compass to its very limits. Now I’m sure it’s not how a woman feels when faced with the choice of keeping a baby or a parent trying to decide which drowning child to save but in my relatively  easy existence it seems pretty God damn difficult.

An acquaintance/friend of mine but definitely erring closer to the side of acquaintance is in the process of getting a divorce (God you already know where this is going don’t you). His wife is honestly model level hot. Now ever since I met them 4 years ago, which was a little before they got married, I always got a strange vibe from her, like she was into me but I really didn’t put much thought into it. As the years have gone by I’ve only been around her a handful of times but I still pick up on that same vibe, which intensified recently which I thought was odd until I found out they were getting divorced. After I found out about what was going on she and I began texting rather frequently and she confirmed what I had thought all along, that she always had a thing for me. In the beginning I was rather excited, I mean I knew it was wrong but this chick is REALLY fucking hot. Then, like a real pussy my conscience began to get the best of me and I cut communication off with her completely which brings me now to the impending moral dilemma.

A friend of mine who is an absolute scumbag (in the most endearing way possible) is celebrating his birthday this weekend down in Gas Lamp, hes invited said ex-wife to the party in hopes of hooking up with one of her hot friends or her if he can, I mean like I said the guys a scumbag. As I sit here behind this keyboard my moral fiber seems rather resolute but I know tomorrow when the shots start coming and the vodka is flowing this rock of a man may quickly be reduced to a shadow of his former self.

My internal monologue has been waging a war against itself all day debating on why I should or shouldnt hook up with her. On the one hand I can’t think of a straight man alive who wouldn’t want to have sex with this girl but then on the other hand I keep telling myself that the guy is my friend which is quickly refuted internally with him not being THAT good a friend.

Hmmmmmmm decisions decisions…………


3 responses to “Moral Dilemma

  1. If he’s just an acquaintance it’s a fair game!
    Go for it!

  2. who cares if he gets mad. the women do the choosing. just watch your back.

  3. You’ve already stated that this guy leans more towards acquaintence, so you’ve given yourself the opening. You aren’t cutting this guy’s throat by hooking up with this woman. Of course, don’t totally lose your head and start a serious relationship with her though – she probably would have given you some WHILE she was married, so that tells you what you’re dealing with.

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