Chasing the Dragon

I’m not sure about everyone else but there is nothing better to me than the “firsts” with a new girl. The first kiss, the first make out session, the first blowjob, the first time we have sex, the first time I paint a beautiful abstract mural on her stomach. I mean there’s just so many questions I can’t help but get excited. (I try to get all of those things mentioned above knocked out the same night by the way and as quickly after I learn her name as possible)

Now I think a lot of guys are nervous about those firsts (nobody wants some chick to put them on blast because their skills aren’t up to par) but I look forward to them like nothing else but probably not for the reasons one would expect. The newness is great but I also look at the first sexual experience for a couple of other reasons. 1) I want her to tell her friends how good I was in hopes that somehow down the road they’ll remember what they heard and I’ll get a chance to give them a shot at the title as well and 2) no matter how good-looking you are or how good your game is you’re going to go through some dry spells so you want to make sure you left some ladies out there with some fantastic experiences so they’ll always want to come back. (That’s why I always try to incorporate the Cirque Du Soleil and J.R. Ewing into my sexual repertoire, no way they’re forgetting those)

Something to remember about girls (or the ones I’ve met at least) when they want to get laid they’re not just gonna bang some random stranger (they don’t want to add to their total that way) they’re gonna bang someone from their past. That’s why the first time you have sex with a chick you need to be in it to win it like it’s the World Cup Final not some tune up match against Kazakhstan. When we’re done and her new “Sexual Power Rankings” come out the following week I want to be sitting alone at the top, that way if I’m ever in a slump she’s one call away.

I really enjoy the G Manifestos “Entering the Dragon” piece and I really incorporate that into my life. Over here at Going Dolo we’ve got “Chasing the Dragon” you need to really dominate that first session so she’s always chasing that high!

Check out Roosh and his plan for Google Dominance! Up next for him AskJeeves and Bing. Seriously though one of my favorite blogs, check him out.

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