24 is the new :-(

One of the blogs I like to read is by a guy who goes by Willy Wonka and he recently had a post called “What the fuck happened to you“. Now after reading it I laughed as this was one of the subjects I’ve had in my drafts since I started this blog. (I know, I know, that was only 10 days ago but it was still something I had on deck to write about) Youre probably too lazy to go over there and read it so what he talks about is running into a girl from high school and her blowing up.

If you’re younger than 24 this is a phenomenon that you are now beginning to experience but if you are 24 plus this is something you have been encountering for years. At first its quite jarring to see a girl who you at one point would have considered slapping your mother for look so unattractive,  you chalk it up as a fluke occurrence but you soon realize that it’s not. Before writing this post I looked through my facebook page at a bunch of girls I went to high school with that I considered attractive. Out of this rather large sample size there were exactly 3 girls I would approach at this point sexually. 3!?!? On an unrelated note there are 4 that are married, sent me facebook messages to reconnect, and definitely want to fuck me.

There is no polite way of saying this so I’ll just go ahead and say it…..girls age in dog years. Girls hit 24 and its all down hill from there and heaven forbid they have a couple of kids it throws the aging process into warp drive. This is clearly not all women as I tend to like mine around 26, just the vast majority of them. Guys are not exempt from this aging process either as plenty of my friends from yesteryear now look much worse, it just seems that the number of women who age poorly is disproportionately higher than that of men. There are undoubtedly a host of contributing factors that lead to this from lack of physical activity (almost everyone plays some sport in high school), poor diet, curse of the Gods, slower metabolism, that all stack the deck against the aging woman.

Therein lies the problem for any emotionally shallow guy who has options. Why settle down with a girl who is inevitably going to look worse much sooner than you will when there is another 23-year-old right around the corner?

Spare me the die alone, emotional connection, true love bullshit, I’m writing this as a 30-year-old male which makes me 22 in girl years.

I’m a huge music fan so from now on if there’s something I’m feeling at the moment I’m going to throw it out there. By all means tell me you love it, hate it, or make other musical recommendations.


11 responses to “24 is the new :-(

  1. It’s better to be a man. While women are in their prime at age 18-25, men don’t hit their prime years until 25 and we can enjoy more years during our prime.

    Think about it, the older we get, the more mature and street smart we become, the wealthier we get, and more confident due to more interesting experiences.

  2. Totally agreed.

    I’m having a bit of undergrad flashbacks reading your blog and I’m laughing thinking about all of the memories and enjoying the hell out of reading about yours. I’ve got some friends who have had a huge drop off in both the quality and quantity of girls they get since we graduated but its honestly gotten progressively better and easier for me every year. In one of your posts you were talking about going into college as a freshman and knowing what to do with girls and what a huge advantage it would be, its honestly the same once you get out of college man. Youll have a huge leg up on guys because those frat guys (even though I was one too) for the most part have no fucking clue what to do and just relied on being a frat guy to get laid and they get BLOWN OUT when it comes to talking to girls in a different environment.

  3. It’s sad but true. Girls just have low expiration dates.

  4. i think there’s a crucial factor missing: the girl’s most recent relationships. a few years back I was dating an 18 year old who was in great shape. not 2 months after i had dumped her, she really blew up. 2 months. an emotionally-jarring end to a relationship will send women to the comfort of ben & jerry’s faster than anything else

  5. I have to respectfully disagree.

    I think that men and women a like are very different in when they are in their prime etc. Some women reach their prime later and some earlier and the same goes for men. I’ve known guys that were smoking hot but are now fat and all that. It’s kinda like saying that all women will prefer going out with older men because they are more mature.

    Thankfully the world is a little more diverse and complex than that.

  6. “girls age in dog years”

    Hilarious, this made my evening.

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  8. nothingbutthetruth

    I think there was a scientific study that proved that women’s skin ages twice as faster as men’s.

    If you think in terms of evolutionary psychology, it makes sense. Since the cost of sex is higher for females, fast aging is the way nature tells men not to fuck older women so these women can focus on taking care of the kids they already have.

    For an older woman, the best way to pass their genes is not to have kids when their reproductive organs are declining (which could produce unhealthy offspring), but to make sure the kids she already has survive until adulthoot and reproductive maturity.

    This is why pregnancy accelerates the drop in female looks. It is not time to make more babies, but to take care about the newborn baby.

    This is why women have menopause: the body is telling the woman that the time for kids has ended. Men don’t have to be pregnant and carry a child inside them. Their being reproductive able has far lower costs for them. This is why they can be fathers in an old age.

    Being 40, the women my age seem at least ten years older. I see all these young hot girls who despised me in high school being downright ugly (and fat). The ones that are not married would give a damn for me attention.

  9. “This is why pregnancy accelerates the drop in female looks. It is not time to make more babies, but to take care about the newborn baby.” thats a really fascinating theory that Id never even begun to think about before. Makes a LOT of sense though.

    Thanks for reading and the well thought out comment.

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