Sleeping with Girls from the Gym by Planting the Seed

As we all know our world is going more and more towards instant gratification. Between twitter, facebook, google, and the rest of the interwebs our society has become now, now, now. While I love the fact that I can instantly find out more about some random chick I saw on or find the best steak house in Miami, it sometimes takes away from one of my favorite sayings : “first you plant the seed then you fuck the plant.” In a world where everything is now few people are willing to put in the work of growing, watering, and nurturing that plant and then fucking it.

Don't think of it as a gym think of it as your greenhouse.

If you spend any amount of time in the gym you undoubtedly have seen a lot of girls there you would like to bang. If you’re anything like me (and I assume you are if you’re reading this) then the next question to yourself after thinking  you want to bang them is probably how do I bang them.

I’ve read a few people’s thoughts on picking up girls from the gym and I’m simply not buying them. Now I’m not saying they don’t work I’m just saying they don’t work for me.  People should always understand there is no canned line or response that works for everyone. You need to find out what works for you and own it.

Approaching a girl anywhere can be nerve-racking enough but doing it at the gym seems near impossible. Given the fact that you probably have headphones on, she probably has headphones on, there’s a bunch of people around, and honestly she probably doesn’t want you to talk to her even if she does find you attractive because she’s probably all sweaty and doesn’t feel attractive herself. Girls don’t want to be picked up from the gym. If you’re hitting on girls at the gym you look like a fucking creep, I don’t care what you think and no you are not the exception.

Hey douchebag, dont hit on me right now, I'm at the gym not a fucking bar.

Yes I know the title of this post was banging girls from the gym not giving you all the reasons on why you wont bang girls from the gym so I’ll get to it now. In “Crabs in a Bucket” I made a reference to how I look at girls like I want to fuck them a lot,  the gym is no different. (DISCLAIMER: This is an art form and there is an EXTREMELY thin line of coming off really creepy if performed incorrectly so proceed at your own risk.) When I see girls at the gym I find attractive I try to make strong eye contact with them a few times throughout our workout. The next time I see her at the gym (which will most likely be the next day as most people end up working out at similar times every day) I do the same thing. You see hundreds of people at the gym through the course of your workout most of which are nameless faceless people as you go through your routine. She does the same thing and you are the same nameless faceless person to her unless you do something to set yourself apart. With repeated strong eye contact over the course of multiple gym sessions she will now begin to remember your face at which point you can begin exchanging a familiar smile or hello.

I would imagine the place you workout is somewhere close to where you either live or work. Coincidentally I would imagine you probably go out somewhere close to where you either live or work, guess what so does  she. (by she here I mean the dozen or so cute girls at your gym that you’ve got pregnant with your eyes countless times over the past however long you’ve worked out at your gym planting seeds)  Now when you go out to the bar and you see some cute girl from the gym you now have the perfect opener and you already come off safer than a stranger due to the level of familiarity shes built with you at the gym.

I’ve been working out at the same gym for the past 18 months and I’ve slept with 8 girls that workout there. Six Ive approached at bars and 2 have come up to me asking if I remembered them from the gym. Now I know this seems like you need luck to run into these girls out but you don’t need as much as you probably think. This is a very high #s game as who knows how many cute girls there are at your gym and you can be planting seeds with literally ALL of them. (I understand this is a somewhat passive approach but I look at it like this, the gym is a place you should probably be anyway and using the above method is a welcome byproduct of taking care of yourself)

My man Black Joe Lewis and The Honeybears are the shit this kind of music is definitely not for everyone but they’re one of my favorites. If nothing else I’m sure you guys can relate to some of the lyrics.


9 responses to “Sleeping with Girls from the Gym by Planting the Seed

  1. So basically what you’re saying is to not approach at the gym itself but on the different scenario? Definitely you have an easy opener, but don’t you think it relies mostly on luck?

    Cool blog by the way, keep it up 😀

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  3. It relies a ton on luck but Ive had success with it and I think others could too. Most people hang out in a bubble around where they live or work so the law of averages say you will see people from your gym where you hang out. Ive seen alot of guys approach at the gym with really bad results.

    Thanks for reading.

    • Very true actually. I’ve seen few hotties from the gym at the most popular venues (as of now) in the city, specially this one chick I’ve seen her more than once. I haven’t approached however, but I won’t hesitate the next time.

      Back to the gym scenario, have you tried cold approaching on the gym itself and experience those bad results you say personally? Would really like to hear your experiences regarding that, even if they are bad experiences 😛

  4. My buddy banged a girl from the gym the first night they went out. Just sayin’

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  6. You’re spot on with this. Planting seeds is the only way to go. I know a lot of guys out there trying to spit their regular game and failing miserably because a woman’s bitch shield’s are at full power when they are at the gym. Good stuff.

  7. Good shit.

    Yeah, the gym is the one place I have not even attempted to approach at all, because it just seems like the odds are against you, particularly with her working out and being sweaty and not feeling sexy, you’re likely to come off as a creep…

    This shit makes me want to pay more attention to the chicks at the gym. I honestly haven’t noticed it being the same chicks all the time, but like you said – it’s gotta be. It’s the same guys all the time – and I only recognize their faces because I’ve asked pretty much all of em for a spot at one point… but yeah, I’m in their with my headphones minding my own fucking business…

  8. You can still talk to women at the gym. I found a beauty looking at three times for extended period. Younger than me too! I plan to talk her into bed and thereafter ruin my life.

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