Be A Better You

Top ten lists have long been known as the device of the lazy writer and over the last year there has been none more lazy than myself so I present to you 10 Things you should be doing right now to be a better you. (which will in turn help you get laid more….boom full circle back to fucking chicks) I got this idea from a thread I saw on Rooshs forum but to be honest some of the shit being said was fucking absurd, one guy said learn to juggle. Juggle?! Are you fucking kidding me? So for those looking to join the God damn circus go do that and for those looking to strengthen your own confidence read on here.

(Quick Disclaimer these are in no order of importance just the order in which I thought of them, I’m sure I could rank them but 1) I already said I’m lazy and 2) I figure this makes the blog interactive and you can personally rank them yourself and work on the ones you deem most important…you’re welcome)

1) Workout-the amount of confidence you get from changing the composition of your body and the attention you will receive from it is priceless. Girls love muscles and anyone who tells you differently doesn’t fucking have any. I’m not saying become a bodybuilder but when a girl grabs your arm and its solid its definitely not a minus. My friends older brother had a great piece of advice for me when I was a kid “girls want to date a man, if they wanted someone the same size as them they’d date another girl” There’s a million different schools of thought on working out and nutrition feel free to email me for mine or ask in the comments or experiment and find your own which I find to be the best. A lot of the manosphere has jumped on IF and is a great resource for that also my man over at Danger and Play has done some good write ups on supplements and nutrition.

2) Join Toastmasters/Improv Group-Having the ability to speak well publicly translates to smaller group settings as well. You want to be able to capture the attention of an entire group of people and nothing does that quite like a well told story. We’ve all been exposed to people that are dreadful storytellers and wanting to rip our own ears off in order for it to end sooner and we’ve also all seen a gifted storyteller suck an entire group of people into hanging on their every word, which would you rather be?

3) Learn A New Language-Along with it possibly helping your career and travels, as you get older you want to be firing up as many different parts of your brain as possible. It takes time and a great deal of discipline to learn a new language and Ive yet to see panties not moisten up a bit when saying something in another language is said at the appropriate time. A friend of mine speaks fluent Italian and its not always the deal closer but its a value add that always opens doors.

4) Become A Better Cook-I admit I am from the school of thought that you eat to live don’t live to eat and many of my meals are cooked in bulk and I eat them as fast as possible while standing in my kitchen. With that being said though if I need to whip up some quasi gourmet shit I can, its not winning any Michelin stars but its at least getting the job done. Theres no easier way to bang a chick then getting her over to your place, cooking up a great meal, and popping open a few bottles of wine. 1) shes saying shes comforable enough to be alone at your house 2) youre displaying a clear skill that many dont posess 3) theres wine 4) your bed is in the next room. Thats right I just put a list inside of a list, List Inception!

5) Hang Out With Better People-A while back a few of us had a discussion on twitter about trimming the fat of people we followed and I mentioned how it should translate to ones personal life as well. Its very comfortable to hang out with the same old people doing the same old shit but the problem with that is you will get the same old results. Hang out with people that are in better positions than you are or are where you want to be, people that don’t just discuss other people but that discuss ideas and plans they have for enriching their own lives. I’m not saying get rid of all your old friends but know you are only as good as the company you keep.

6) Compete At Something-I play in a basketball and softball league and the times out there competing aren’t something I ever want to give up. Men are competitive by nature and there’s no reason to give that up and nor should you. Dagonet over at The Quest for 50 spoke on this recently as well regarding the hockey league he plays in and how much better he felt right away. Whatever sport you played in your youth they offer rec leagues for of different skill levels, find the right one for you and go play.

7) Learn About Booze-You don’t need to become a sommelier or the guy from the Sam Adams commercials or even Tony Sinclair but knowing about a few different wines, champagnes, and distilled spirits is great. When you’re out on a date or with a group of people at dinner you don’t want to be looking at the wine list like its in fucking mandarin. Know what goes with what and when to drink it. Be the table captain and order the wine or be able to make competent recommendations to those around you.

8) Go Out Alone-Ive got friends that wont even walk into a place first so as not to be alone somewhere which is about as insecure as it gets to me. You come into this world alone and you will die alone you need to be comfortable by yourself. Go out once every few weeks by yourself and have a drink at first you may feel a little uncomfortable but it eventually becomes liberating knowing that you are secure enough to be wherever whenever by yourself without the crutch of another person. I use my alone time at places to get to better know bartenders or servers at places I like to frequent. Our man over at The G Manifesto calls that locking down the spot I think and its pretty damn sound advice

9) Develop Better Personal Style-Pretty self explanatory here…dress fucking better. Now this doesn’t mean suited up everyday it just means finding clothing that looks great on you and developing a style of your own and not chasing trends. Everyones got a few things they wear I’m sure that you get complimented on now ask yourself why those were complimented and begin to construct a wardrobe that reflects that style.

10) Follow Me On Twitter-Shameless Plug!/goingdolo



4 responses to “Be A Better You

  1. Awesome post. I’ve been doing most of these things (sans following you on Twitter) for about a year or so now. And I can personally verify that doing any of these things will make your life feel more complete and will give you a much greater sense of purpose.

  2. Good post, have problems with 8 a bit going at it alone is good if your vibe is awesome and your full of confidence but tough off the bat. Very hard for me kinda. Wish I could make it easier on myself.

    • Yeah it can be awkward at first but so is anything out of ones comfort zone, it’s like my post on “alpha dog reps” if you do it enough it will stop feeling uncomfortable.

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