Sleeping with Girls You See at the Gym: Redux

Ok, I admit it. My post from about a year ago on fucking girls that you see at the gym was rather passive. It was much more social circle and luck than it was actually fucking girls that you meet while AT the gym. If youre too lazy to go back and read it (which I dont blame you as it was not my finest work) heres a recap. Go to the gym, go to places around the gym, chance encounter with girl youve seen at the gym, chat up based on familiarity, then fuck. While its worked for me on 3 different occassions the logistics of it are far too luck based, so here we stand today with the “Sleeping with girls from the gym: Redux”

The gym should be one of your best gold mines for meeting women simply for the fact that if a girl is at the gym shes probably in shape or on her way to getting in better shape. From Rooshs recent battle, to Bronan, and a host of other bloggers, theres been a huge push in the manosphere lately railing against the typical fat american woman. If thats whats getting you down you need to go to a place where youre far less likely to see these heifers, a gym would essentially be their kryptonite. So the biggest part on fucking girls from the gym is actually going to the gym, if youre not doing that get off the god damn internet and start lifting.

Ummmm, when you get to the gym actually do something as opposed to taking a nap. (Actual picture I took between running sprints)

Now this is a double edged sword, since youre going to be at the gym seeing girls that are in good shape surprise surprise, you yourself are going to need to be in good shape. Recently I was talking to Danger and Play and we discussed all these guys talking about “how does normal guy get supermodel” or some other fucking ridiculous statement. Heres how you do that…you dont. That entire mindset is whats wrong with men today…dont be normal! Dont be fucking average, better yourself and better ass comes. I recently had a whole post dedicated to things you need to be doing to make yourself a better you. So do it, make yourself a better you. Youre not gonna get some hot ass chick from the gym if youre fat or skinny, and dont have a drop of muscle on you. Instead of looking at you shes going to be checking out some dude whos in there waging a war on metal and gravity while you sit on the god damn ellipical for 30 minutes. If youre not in at least decent shape this post isnt for you, come back in 90 days and finish reading.

First you need to be consistent and go to the gym at around the same time everyday. Through trial and error you need to figure out what time your gym has the maxium number of hot girls or if youve got one in mind that you specifically want to fuck you can even go micro and go at the same time she goes. Totally up to you on if you want a target rich environment or if theres one vagina in particular you want hanging from the mantle. In most cities right after work is going to be primetime at the gym but experiment and go at different hours to see whos there and when they are there to pick the best time for you.

Consistency breeds familarity which is probably the biggest thing you should take away from this post. You dont want to be the creepy dude who sees a girl at the gym and just starts talking to her. Your success rate in doing this is unfathomably low based on a number of factors, you want her to be familiar with you so it seems less like a cold approach and more like someone she already knows, this can only happen through her consistently seeing you day in and day out.

After youve begun establishing a pattern of seeing each other you want to begin making slightly stronger eye contact with her. Ive found eye contact followed by a smile is all you need to start bridging the gap. This also serves as a qualifier meaning that if shes not even looking at you for eye contact shes probably not that attracted to you, dont fret no ones batting a thousand, find another girl and repeat the process.

Once youve begun coupling the smile with eye contact 2 punch combo gauge her response, if shes reciprocating with a smile back the door has at least been left ajar for you to kick that motherfucker down . The next time youre in close proximity with one another be it the juice bar, working out next to each other, or by the water fountain the line Ive used with great effectiveness is “If Im going to be seeing you everyday, I should at least know your name”. Just like that the ice is broken and youre free to run whatever game it is you use.

Ok, Ive got to give full disclosure here, this wasnt a gym bang, I met her outside the gym and we were just working out together and I wanted to snipe a picture of that ass….Youre welcome.

An important thing to remember in all of this is to let it be organic. Some people are approach machines and will rush the above steps or go out of their way for an early introduction. If youre seeing this person 5 days a weeks theres no need to step on your dick and make an awkward situation, wait for the opportune time and then strike.

As always…Wake Up and Be Somebody

Loving Aloe Blacc right now, hes just got a real different sound that you dont really hear. Song is great for a weekend night when youre about to head where else but Downtown.


3 responses to “Sleeping with Girls You See at the Gym: Redux

  1. Awesome article. Gonna start slowing my gym game down and see if I get better results. I’m assuming if you’re getting smiles/loger eye contact you speed it up right?

    Lulz at that guy sleeping on the basketball court. What the fuck? Go take a nap in your video game chair, you fat shit. You can’t get fit just by hanging out at the gym.

    And wow, what an ass on that blonde. I love the gym.

  2. Even with smiles and longer eye contact, I still dont speed it up too much. I let her stew on it since I know Im going to be seeing her so frequently and still let it happen naturally when were next to each other. Big thing to remember is its not like seeing a girl at a bar, youve got all the time in the world with a chick you see at the gym 5 days a week. I think it gives off a higher value vibe that Im not there just to chase her. About two months ago I had this chick come up to me who Id been eye fucking for awhile and ask to take a picture of me to send to her friends. She walked right up and said “So I see you here everyday and I was telling my friends about this hot guy I see at the gym and they want to see what you look like” Now obviously thats a one in a fucking million thing to happen (Hell, I dont think Im good looking enough to warrant that shit) but I ended up fucking her with ease and no way that happens if I rush it.

    hahaha, Yeah I was dying laughing at that kid. There were 4 of us running sprints and that fat fucker was asleep the whole damn time!

    Yeah, her ass was unfucking real. I actually met her the week before while out and she wanted to work out together and she showed up wearing that shit. The front is just as good.

  3. Ok,the strategic applications are decent here: finding out the best time to go with the right types of women you’re attracted to.

    Definitely a slower approach than what I laid out in mines,but nevertheless,if you’re gonna be seeing a particular girl a few times per week,then it makes sense to pace it.

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