An Open Letter to Jennifer Livingston

Dear Jennifer,

I understand that when you read that email your feelings were hurt and you felt ashamed which then turned to anger. “Who is this stranger to attack me, someone who doesn’t know me and knows nothing of what I stand for” Well I’ve got something to break to you Jennifer, he didn’t attack anything regarding your character, only your appearance. By your own admission you state that you’re obese, although you try to lessen the meaning of the word by saying “a doctor would classify me as obese” as if it was an opinion and not something that was wholly true.

The rally behind you has been because of the claim that you were bullied and while I agree that bullying is an increasing problem and one that is subjective based on how the victim feels, do you truly believe that you were bullied? Or were your feelings just hurt by the true words of a stranger who you deemed had no right to tell you that your unhealthy lifestyle will kill you prematurely which all statistics have shown that it most certainly will as obesity remains the number 1 preventable killer of Americans.

Jennifer I’m not one of the naturally skinny people who doesn’t understand how hard it is to be a big person, as recently as 3 years ago through a steady diet of fast food and overeating I had ballooned up to 285 lbs, one day I saw a picture of myself and thought “My God, what the fuck happened to me, how did I let myself go so much”.  The very next day I began waking up everyday before work and running 3 miles and then going to the gym on my lunch break and lifting weights, I began eating smaller healthier meals and through hard work, blood, and sweat, I lost 60 lbs. I challenge you to keep a food journal of what you eat for a week and come to the realization that there are probably many things on that list that you shouldnt consume in the quantity that you do.

The words of the viewer hurt you so much because deep down you know that they are true. You have been presented with a unique opportunity, you can either take your 15 minutes of fame and crusade against your perceived bullying or you can use this as a wake up call to achieve a healthier lifestyle for you, your viewers, and your family.

By all accounts you seem to be a nice person and I am sure you are a good mom to your 3 kids and a loving wife to your husband, all noble things but none of which qualify you as a hero, I wish you the best of luck and hope that you choose the right option above.


-Jack Frost

For those that have no idea what Im talking about this is the video that spawned this open letter.


6 responses to “An Open Letter to Jennifer Livingston

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  2. Great post man. I’m the same way. I used to be obese as a child because nobody told me that being fat isn’t ok. My parents/the school system were so concerned about hurting my feelings that they allowed me to do nothing but eat Little Debbies and play Super Mario Kart all day.

    This isn’t an example of bullying. It’s a dude privately emailing a woman telling her to take some personal responsibility. At worst, you can accuse Krause of rudeness.

    Here’s a joke post that I wrote about the absurdity of the whole situation:

  3. You hit the nail on the head man, we live in a society now where everyone tip toes through the tulips scared to hurt anyone elses feelings even at the expense of saving their life. People need to look in the God damn mirror and take some personal accountabilty.

  4. I fear for every child that takes her seriously. I fear for every person that saw her “taking a stand” and decided to spend the rest of their evening shoveling ice cream and chocolate syrup in their cheeks. I fear for them because I’m going to teach my children to see these people as lazy fucks and kick their asses at everything they’ll ever try to do.

  5. Women have no reservation or shame (nor do they apologize) for criticizing men when they are BROKE…. so why do they behave as if it’s unacceptable to call her FAT?????

    When women embrace “broke acceptance”…. I will embrace “fat acceptance”. And that will be just about fucking never.

  6. Fat acceptance begins at HOME! Bullies pick on those they consider weak. I’m a huge woman who doesn’t accept Fat Flack in any form. You get more of whatever you focus on. As big people we spend too much time giving away our power trying to modify the behaviors of others. As a result, we’re bombarded with opinions from the well intentioned, the misinformed and the purely idiotic.My power is my own and I CHOOSE to keep it that way!

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