Masculine Style-A Review

Greetings from your favorite occasional blogger, part-time tweeter, and full-time bad ass.

Lord knows its been forever, I don’t post that much as I feel there are a glut of other writers out there way more talented and more importantly more committed to the cause of helping you get laid. When something jumps out at me that I feel can be of some use to whoever still reads this thing though I don’t hesitate to throw it out there for you.

Do a personal case study this weekend when you go out and observe how most guys are dressed. Think to yourself when was the last time you saw a well dressed man. I’m not talking about some guy randomly suited up, I’m talking about casual wear and the dude still looks put together. Theres something powerful and commanding about it and from starting to implement this more I can guaran god damn tee you women notice. You see clothing is the ultimate equalizer, we may not all be the best looking, or the tallest, or in the best shape, but this is the one thing that you unequivocally have complete control of… why don’t you? For most guys Id imagine it comes down to two factors: 1) Cost (there are plenty of reasonably priced options out there you just have to search a bit harder) and 2) Not knowing what the hell to get and just following some random fashion trend or something you saw in a magazine.

This is where my man Tanner comes in over at Masculine Style, the dude is single-handedly changing the game more so than just about anyone out there right now. I reached out to Tanner on twitter, we exchanged emails, and later phone calls and had a great conversation on fashion and the manosphere as a whole and I really enjoyed what he had to say. From there I emailed him some photos so he could get an idea of what he was working with what I got back shocked the hell out of me. He sends back a comprehensive report breaking down everything from the best colors on your skin type, colors to avoid, proper patterns that work on your frame, custom suiting options, hell he even told me the best types of sunglasses that worked for my facial structure. I decided on a new custom suit and we then had numerous email exchanges as we walked through every step of the process together on constructing every detail of the best suit for me.

When was the last time someone complemented you on how you were dressed, if you have to think about it then its been too long. I challenge you to take a hard look in the mirror and truly asses your personal style, if it’s not where you want it reach out to Tanner and drop him a line. I assure you the 25 bucks is well worth it considering what an actual personal shopper would cost you and the results you’ll see from just implementing a portion of the information he gives you will be shocking. You pay a specialist in all aspects of life so why not get one on the cheap that can truly affect how people initially perceive you?

This new Timberlake song has been getting hated on a ton but its kind of starting to grow on me. Hey my mans right as long as you got your suit and tie shitll be just fine. I recently had a 36 hour bender in my new custom needless to say it was a night to remember.





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