30 Day Challenge

I recently tweeted “Where performance is measured performance is improved” and it seemed to be greeted with a fair amount of retweets and guys generally liking the concept so it got me thinking of a little challenge that I hope some of you guys are up for.

Twitter has been an excellent tool for both me and a lot of the manosphere to share quick thoughts and ideas with one another and now Id like to use it as an accountability tool to help make us all a little better.

Id like to pose a 30 day challenge to whoever is interested and help keep us all on track to achieving whatever it is were trying to get done so here’s the parameters. Either in the comment section here or through twitter, tweet me and state what it is you want to achieve in the next 30 days, from there on a daily basis tweet me and let me know what you did to get your goal done.

Id love to see this pick up steam throughout the entire manosphere and we can continually do challenges every other month or so depending on how well this works out.

Ill also be personally accountable to you guys as well tweeting daily on if I accomplished my goal or not..

My 30 day goal is pretty simple yours can be something similar or as complex as you’d like it to be.

For the next 30 days I plan to run 3 miles a day Monday through Saturday.

Good luck guys looking forward to seeing how everyone does.




4 responses to “30 Day Challenge

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  2. This month I’m on my second 30 day challenge, which is learning how to program in the Python language. I’m 13 days in and have been having a lot of fun meeting my goals.

    I highly recommend that every man takes up at least one 30 day challenge within his lifetime.

  3. you need to update your blog more often, suscribed after reading the sleeping with girls from the gym articles. You need to write more articles like these. you’ve got a target public there. Keep it up bro

  4. Nice work on the 30 day challenge. How’s it going? Some updates would be nice and would probably help you keep yourself motivated and on track too.
    If you, or anyone want some inspiration, and why inspiration is not enough and you need to build discipline, the how to build discipline and how to actually succeed on goals, check out the site and book;

    good stuff

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