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Shut The Fuck Up

Marcus Aurelius had a dream that was the Manosphere and this is not it, this is not it. So after successfully being brow beaten by Fly Fresh and Young and Dagonet to write more here I am before you, your humble author ready to jump back in. While I stopped writing for a bit I never really left the Manosphere, I was actively tweeting my ass off and reading everyone elses blogs along with Rooshs forum. My problem was boredom, randomly writing about banging girls wasn’t all that interesting to me since banging random girls is a pretty regular occurrence but recently something has caught my eye which finally got me off the bench and back in the game so hang onto your dicks and let’s get to it.

When I first stumbled across this little universe of ours I couldn’t get enough of it, while I’ve never read a book on game I loved everyone’s interesting stories, views on the opposite sex, and being exposed to other like-minded individuals who pushed me to be better. In the past few months though our corner of the internet has become far more polluted with negativity, I recently tweeted about needing to cut some friends out of my real life and feel as if it needs to be done with my online persona as well….but not before one last-ditch effort to save my brethren.

Now I don’t think its a stretch for most people to acknowledge Roosh being one of the most respected guys in the game and I’ve got the same respect for him as most. From his blog posts, to his rarely put out videos (which I actually enjoy the most), to his biggest contribution as a whole…the forum, the guy is a first ballot hall of famer. The hall of fame sports analogy here works perfect because much like people trying to emulate their favorite sports stars I feel as if many guys who look up to Roosh do the same with his opinion of American women. Now its well documented that he’s not the biggest fan of American women and at times I agree with him, a large amount of them are unbearable but not even close to as many as you would be lead to believe by reading through everyone’s blogs and tweets. The problem is while hating the new stereotypical American girl is only a small sliver of what Roosh contributes to everyone it’s all a lot of you have latched onto and your woe is me “American Girls Suck” attitude is a fucking cop-out.

Guys do you want to know why you’re not getting the girls that want to look after you, cook for you, and submit to you as a man……its because you’re no fucking catch yourself. Stop bitching about how shitty American women are and realize how shitty YOU are! Pick up a book, go to the gym, travel, commit wholly to making yourself a better and more interesting person and I can promise you there will be quality women attracted to you. I’m not sure when we devolved into a group of pussies sitting around bitching about the lack of quality women but it needs to stop because it doesn’t matter. If you’re half as Alpha as most of you claim to be or strive to be even with a diminished dating pool  you’re going to go out there and take down the few remaining good chicks because Joe Average dude in America is on just as fast a decline as the women were bitching about. This thing that we have all worked so hard to create isn’t about tearing down shitty women, we all know they’re out there we get it, it’s about making all of us better men so let’s get back to what’s important……us.

We have a saying back in Texas my friends and I lived by…….”Wake Up and Be Somebody”, I hope you all do.

Songs a little old but its a good summertime hip hop song and should at least make you bob your head a little bit.


Crabs In a Bucket

Most people who read this don’t follow me on twitter. (shameless plug) Go follow me now, I’ll wait……….ok good your back. My follower count had damn for sure better be higher when I log in next. The reason I mention twitter is I apologized for my lack of writing due to demands from the real world which obviously none of you give a shit about soooooo on with the show.

For those unfamiliar with the expression Crabs In A Bucket just click on the link for a good explanation of the theory or I’ll give you a half assed one here if you’re too lazy. What it basically boils down to is when crabs are placed in a bucket rather than let one crab escape they pull each other back down into the bucket. Being from the city I’ve never really witnessed a crab bucket battle royale but I’ll take their word for it on that’s how it goes down.

Since I've never seen it personally I'm going to pretend the crabs transform.

Now I was recently out-of-town with some guy friends for a reunion of sorts when what turned into a simple joke with a girl lead to the inspiration for this post.

Obviously none of you know me so you’ll have to take my word for it on this one(much like me taking the word of the crab bucket battle bots) but I flirt with almost every girl I meet. I look at every girl I meet like I want to fuck them. Now the reason I say this is because what lead to my wingman epiphany (ahhhhhh, get it, the crabs are the metaphorical wingmen) was completely and utterly harmless. Our annual guys trip this year was to a friends cabin and while on the way we stopped at the only store within miles to pick up some last second booze and food. The girl working there was maybe a Utah mountain region 6 which basically equates to a San Diego 4 if the math on my abacus is correct. As she rings us up she tells us about the impending snow storm and that there was a chance we could get snowed in at which point I joked about hoping she had a spare couch for me to crash on as opposed to being stuck in a cabin with all these dudes. Her response was that of silence coupled with a look that I proposed an all anal gangbang, not my finest hour but I was honestly just making a joke and conversation and so what if this mountain chick didn’t find me funny. After we leave the store a few of my friends set in on how she couldn’t have reacted any worse to which I definitely agreed. This was funny and I definitely deserved to be made fun of and needless to say I was but it also got me thinking how often some of the guys I’m with are so quick to make fun of those of us that pull girls whenever we don’t hit a homerun on an actual approach.

Quite possibly most of you already know this or have thought about it before but I don’t think it ever really struck me till this past weekend. When most men hear the term wingman you usually think of your buddy jumping on the grenade or your friend who’s great at entertaining a group of people while you play Sgt. Swoop on the girl you’re trying to get. This past week though another wingman service was brought to my attention. You want guys around you that are going to keep you in the right frame of mind, guys who are going to build you up not tear you down,  and preferably guys with balls who are also going to try to talk to girls rather than sit back in the cheap seats and criticize your every move when they don’t have the balls to even get in the game

Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company- George Washington

(well said George, that’s why the title of this blog is Going Dolo)

(I’m sure my man The Rookie will give me grief for my selection of another emo rap song this week but what the hell, I love Kanye and his new album is dope)