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Shut The Fuck Up

Marcus Aurelius had a dream that was the Manosphere and this is not it, this is not it. So after successfully being brow beaten by Fly Fresh and Young and Dagonet to write more here I am before you, your humble author ready to jump back in. While I stopped writing for a bit I never really left the Manosphere, I was actively tweeting my ass off and reading everyone elses blogs along with Rooshs forum. My problem was boredom, randomly writing about banging girls wasn’t all that interesting to me since banging random girls is a pretty regular occurrence but recently something has caught my eye which finally got me off the bench and back in the game so hang onto your dicks and let’s get to it.

When I first stumbled across this little universe of ours I couldn’t get enough of it, while I’ve never read a book on game I loved everyone’s interesting stories, views on the opposite sex, and being exposed to other like-minded individuals who pushed me to be better. In the past few months though our corner of the internet has become far more polluted with negativity, I recently tweeted about needing to cut some friends out of my real life and feel as if it needs to be done with my online persona as well….but not before one last-ditch effort to save my brethren.

Now I don’t think its a stretch for most people to acknowledge Roosh being one of the most respected guys in the game and I’ve got the same respect for him as most. From his blog posts, to his rarely put out videos (which I actually enjoy the most), to his biggest contribution as a whole…the forum, the guy is a first ballot hall of famer. The hall of fame sports analogy here works perfect because much like people trying to emulate their favorite sports stars I feel as if many guys who look up to Roosh do the same with his opinion of American women. Now its well documented that he’s not the biggest fan of American women and at times I agree with him, a large amount of them are unbearable but not even close to as many as you would be lead to believe by reading through everyone’s blogs and tweets. The problem is while hating the new stereotypical American girl is only a small sliver of what Roosh contributes to everyone it’s all a lot of you have latched onto and your woe is me “American Girls Suck” attitude is a fucking cop-out.

Guys do you want to know why you’re not getting the girls that want to look after you, cook for you, and submit to you as a man……its because you’re no fucking catch yourself. Stop bitching about how shitty American women are and realize how shitty YOU are! Pick up a book, go to the gym, travel, commit wholly to making yourself a better and more interesting person and I can promise you there will be quality women attracted to you. I’m not sure when we devolved into a group of pussies sitting around bitching about the lack of quality women but it needs to stop because it doesn’t matter. If you’re half as Alpha as most of you claim to be or strive to be even with a diminished dating pool  you’re going to go out there and take down the few remaining good chicks because Joe Average dude in America is on just as fast a decline as the women were bitching about. This thing that we have all worked so hard to create isn’t about tearing down shitty women, we all know they’re out there we get it, it’s about making all of us better men so let’s get back to what’s important……us.

We have a saying back in Texas my friends and I lived by…….”Wake Up and Be Somebody”, I hope you all do.

Songs a little old but its a good summertime hip hop song and should at least make you bob your head a little bit.


24 is the new :-(

One of the blogs I like to read is by a guy who goes by Willy Wonka and he recently had a post called “What the fuck happened to you“. Now after reading it I laughed as this was one of the subjects I’ve had in my drafts since I started this blog. (I know, I know, that was only 10 days ago but it was still something I had on deck to write about) Youre probably too lazy to go over there and read it so what he talks about is running into a girl from high school and her blowing up.

If you’re younger than 24 this is a phenomenon that you are now beginning to experience but if you are 24 plus this is something you have been encountering for years. At first its quite jarring to see a girl who you at one point would have considered slapping your mother for look so unattractive,  you chalk it up as a fluke occurrence but you soon realize that it’s not. Before writing this post I looked through my facebook page at a bunch of girls I went to high school with that I considered attractive. Out of this rather large sample size there were exactly 3 girls I would approach at this point sexually. 3!?!? On an unrelated note there are 4 that are married, sent me facebook messages to reconnect, and definitely want to fuck me.

There is no polite way of saying this so I’ll just go ahead and say it…..girls age in dog years. Girls hit 24 and its all down hill from there and heaven forbid they have a couple of kids it throws the aging process into warp drive. This is clearly not all women as I tend to like mine around 26, just the vast majority of them. Guys are not exempt from this aging process either as plenty of my friends from yesteryear now look much worse, it just seems that the number of women who age poorly is disproportionately higher than that of men. There are undoubtedly a host of contributing factors that lead to this from lack of physical activity (almost everyone plays some sport in high school), poor diet, curse of the Gods, slower metabolism, that all stack the deck against the aging woman.

Therein lies the problem for any emotionally shallow guy who has options. Why settle down with a girl who is inevitably going to look worse much sooner than you will when there is another 23-year-old right around the corner?

Spare me the die alone, emotional connection, true love bullshit, I’m writing this as a 30-year-old male which makes me 22 in girl years.

I’m a huge music fan so from now on if there’s something I’m feeling at the moment I’m going to throw it out there. By all means tell me you love it, hate it, or make other musical recommendations.

My personal kryptonite

Nothing quite affects me like the tears of a woman. I think I may have been conditioned to this due to the fact of being raised by a single mother but I guess that is something I can explore at a later time.

I read recently on someones blog a quote that I’ll paraphrase and is essentially the basis of every break up with every girl I’ve ever had. I have the ability to hurt a girl a little over a long period of time as opposed to a lot at once. When the tears start flowing I turn into an absolute pussy and stop saying what I truly want to say and therefore it turns into a month-long process whenever I want to stop seeing a girl.

Now I usually don’t give a shit about the tears and as they’re crying on my shoulder Im peering off into oblivion and giving responses on auto pilot but the one today for some reason hit me harder than any other.  She began asking me why I didn’t love her like she loved me and I honestly didn’t have an answer. Shes attractive by anyones standards, is intelligent,  and would probably chew glass for me if I asked her to yet there I stood telling her I didn’t want to see her anymore. Then she told me how sorry she felt for me that I was alone and that I always would be because I never let anyone get close enough to hurt me which I found to be an incredibly accurate assessment given the short period of time that we dated.

She cried a bit more telling me how she just wanted to be loved and for one of the few times in my life I really wished I was wired like all of my married friends as opposed to being wired like the eternal bachelor that I am.